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International Internship Program
We encourage our young scientists to interact professionally and personally in the global scientific community. The International Internship Program for international students gives graduate students the opportunity to carry out a 3 to 6-month internship in laboratories from institutes participating ARN. It is open to students from Partner Institutions for this Program.
Applicants should be graduate students of an institute participating ARN. If you are interested in participating in this Program, please contact us.


Fusion Tech. Global Leader Program
We are preparing to open an interdisciplinary graduate program. The scope of the program covers IT, BT and NT. The details will be announced later.


Department of Convergence Nanoscience
Nanotechnology or Nanoscience will undoubtedly remain an important discipline in the years to come. It is almost impossible to imagine modern Materials Science without considering Nanotechnology. Convergence Nanoscience in particular, has received a great deal of attention owing to an ever increasing demand for an interdisciplinary knowledge in the area of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The department aims to teach and train graduate students modern Convergence Nanoscience in the field of NT-BT and NT-IT, ranging from Nanoscience-related fundamental Chemistry and Physics to nanomaterials synthesis, characterization, and device fabrication.

Department of Convergence Nanoscience Brochure


Educational Activities : Honors Program
The purpose of the Honors Program is to provide the selected students with superior capability with in-depth educational curriculum, focused research, mentoring, internship, opportunity to study abroad and related scholarship support. Honors Program is an unique Hanyang University Program which will starts its operation in March, 2010 with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

- Providing topnotch teaching environment
- Differentiated teaching curriculum meeting student’ requirements
- Systematic assistrance for developments through mentoring/ coaching/ internship/ networking



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