- ARN Summer Camp 2013
- The 5th INDIA-KOREA Joint Workshop

  - HYU-RIKEN Joint Conference 2012
- Asia NANO 2012
- The 3rd & 4th India-Korea Joint Workshop
- The 3rd Texas-Korea Nano Workshop
- Nano Korea 2012

- ARN Summer Camp 2011
- The 2nd INDIA-KOREA Joint Workshop
- HYU-RIKEN Joint Conference 2011

  01 2010 HYU-RIKEN Collaboration Workshop
03 State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany
     visits to ARN headquarter
11 AsiaNANO 2010 Joint Conference with RIKEN-Asian Research Network Symposium
  01 Prime minister of Japan visit the ARN headquarter and RIKEN
01 HYU-RIKEN Joint Workshop 2009
02 ARN 2008 - 2009 winter colloquium
04 Minister of science and technology of Thailand visit to FTC
05 ARN symposium 2009
06 MOU for doctoral student program between RIKEN and HYU
06 Acting Deputy Director of National Science Foundation visit to FTC
07 Fund for HYU-RIKEN collaboration center from KICOS
08 HYU-RIKEN joint workshop & FTC one year anniversary celebration
11 HYU-ETRI center plate hanging ceremony
  03 2008 ARN symposium
04 Agreement on ARN between RIKEN and HYU
06 Completion of construction of Fusion Tech Center building
07 Opening of Fusion Tech Center
07 MOU between ARN and 10 institutions
10 HYU-RIKEN joint workshop
11 Iowa State University president’s visit to FTC
12 RIKEN Vip’s visit
  04 Fund from Samsung Electronics
05 2007 ARN symposium at ETRI
06 Transferring RIKEN equipments for collaboration
10 Residing researcher from RIKEN
  02 1st Asia-Pacific symposium on Nanoscience and Frontier Materials
05 Internship program for RIKEN collaboration
09 MOU between HYU-UT at Dallas, USA
10 Starting to build Fusion Tech. Center building
  03 LOI for Asian Research Network (ARN)
03 HYU committee for RIKEN invitation
05 HYU-RIKEN collaborative research lab.
06 Fund for RIKEN invitation at HYU from KICOS
07 2nd HYU-RIKEN workshop at RIKEN
08 The President of RIKEN visit HYU for ARN Establishment
08 MOU between HYU and Peiking Univ., China
08 MOU between HYU and CNST, China
08 Special workshop on Organized Molecular Assembles and Nanofabrication
11 Agreement on sharing the intellectual property between HYU RIKEN
12 Fund for ARN from Seoul city

07 Initial idea exchange for RIKEN invitation to Korea
07 1st HYU-RIKEN workshop at HYU

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